For anyone, finance means projects, values, family. It is not a simple investment of money. Therefore everyone should know finance as much as they need, without becoming an expert, to better use it for their objectives.

MPW helps subscribers along this path. The Daily Stocks Scraper Algorithm stimulates (learning by viewing) to deepen the technical aspects, readily available independently on the web. The completion of the course, on the other hand, focuses on strategic factors, usually less known and instead decisive for results.

The results are never random, but the result of tenacity and repetitiveness of small actions throughout life. Each marathon is the sum of single repeated steps, each insignificant but decisive for the final goal.

It would help if you had the discipline and patience, a very stable personality, able to resist the stimuli of the moment because they could damage the progress of investments in the long term. What looks good today is often not good if we measure it over a longer time. Therefore you do not need daily decisions, have a strategy and follow it, remembering to structure it to work even in the dangerous moments that will surely happen.

Therefore investing is simple, but not easy, because you must make sure that your personality always follows your plan.

One shot finance

Financial life hardly allows for recoveries, so it is essential not to make mistakes, hence the need for a strategy that makes the most of who you are, what you do, what you want. The generality of people goes to intuition, but it is certainly not enough; it often makes people make mistakes.

Your basic finance

Knowing the basics of finance is a valuable skill for everyone. MPW helps you with this. But the invitation is to go further, strengthening your knowledge whenever you have the opportunity. You should be fully aware of everything pertaining to your investments and how they develop. Even more so, if you don’t follow them personally and rely on someone you trust. For this reason, we suggest that you have these issues in mind:

1 – How to strengthen your financial training

2 – How it works and what are the advantages of compound interest

3 – Investing in the stock market is the most advantageous method to grow capital over time

4 – How to avoid the risks of financial scams

5 – How to predict retirement

On these issues, you can find essential information on institutional sites such as

If you want to learn more, on the web, you can find free courses of any level

The essential goals

These are the goals underlying financial wellness. They cover the entire span of life and therefore define the way forward, which is often not the one we are on. So it is helpful to define a strategy and then take coherent actions to follow it; otherwise, we will never reach the objectives. These are the ones that are generally indispensable:

  • in the short-term – to increase spending power (if not enough to live as we would like)
  • medium-term – to cover to overcome any unforeseen events (example: 2 or 3 years of autonomy without working)
  • medium-term – to allow children to complete their studies (if you have children)
  • long-term – to have adequate resources for when you must live on an income (life that is lengthening, expenses that increase for health, assistance, accompaniment).

The social structure is changing

The pyramid structure of society is transforming itself into a rectangle tending towards an hourglass shape. The rich are getting richer, and the poor just a little less poor. This has the consequence that while the pyramid structure allowed, through taxation, to support a series of social services, these are no longer sustainable today. A pyramidal demographic structure gave a state financial strength in organizing its welfare state. Today it is no longer possible! So it is prudent to take this into account.

The necessary resources

Generally, people cannot earn enough to live today and at the same time set aside for the future. They are often forced to give up on the future, even knowing that they will have big problems later.

The solution is to increase revenue. Changing jobs or taking a second job may not always be a viable solution.

We need a passive income that, without using either time or work, provides an adequate surplus. But even this is not easy.

The MPW option, then it’s up to you

It is the potential solution, not to get rich, but to adapt resources to the strategy identified to safeguard the future.

MPW do not do finance, or trading, only math. As such, you need to select a reliable broker for trading. We share all data generated by our algorithm, so you can use them as you see fit. If you create funds, you have to set them aside and make them grow over time, taking care to invest them well. Be sure to carefully choose your trusted expert advisor.

If you decide to take advantage of our system of automation, you may also choose to rely on a broker who interfaces well with our algorithm.

The cornerstones of the strategy

Different results can be obtained with the same amount of provisions depending on the investment strategy adopted over the years. The main areas that make up a strategy are:

  • Object
  • Methodology
  • Mode
  • Tool

Looking at historical data, the long-term strategy that has proven to be the most effective to date is the following:

  • Object: stocks

History teaches us that the stock market is the most reliable investment, capable of overcoming all crises and continually growing. Otherwise, the world would stop, and your problems would be much more significant. You can start with small amounts – it does not require maintenance – and you can immediately liquidate your account in case you need the funds. The probability of suffering losses on the stock market decreases as the investment time horizon increases.

For instance, the Standard & Poor 500 index recorded these average annual results:

  • 1926-1955 + 10.2%
  • 1956-1985 + 9.5%
  • 1986-2015 + 10.4%

Choose an experienced financial advisor to set your long-term strategy

  • Methodology: capital accumulation plan

You have a flow of small monthly amounts to invest (those you generated thanks to our algorithm) for an extended period of years.

So you have the advantage of being able to apply the historically very effective method, called DCA Dollar Cost Average, which allows you to reduce the impact of the expected volatility typical of the stock market, increasing the overall gains.

It is a method – widely used in the management of personal finance by the most astute people – that consists of paying small amounts into your investment account monthly.

This method allows you to balance the quantities purchased each time based on the moment’s value, rebalancing the stock market’s natural highs and lows.

  • Mode: diversification

Diversification is the golden rule of any good investment.

Focusing your resources is never a good idea because the risk is everywhere and can affect any asset in your portfolio.

To diversify means distributing your resources across numerous instruments to balance risk and optimize profits.

It is essential that they have different characteristics, belong to more geographical areas, have different time horizons. Today some tools effectively allow diversification with meager costs.

  • Tool: compound interest

Warren Buffett describes compound interest as the only way to make your money worth more and more. It consists of making time work and reinvesting month after month so that the income produced is added to the capital, increasing the amount invested each time. The longer the time, the more it works in your favor, so the sooner you start, the more the small amounts you pay, produce great results.

Just as a snowball slowly accumulates more and more mass the longer it rolls, so too does your fund grow in capital the longer it operates.

Just like when using a small 1hp engine to start a powerful 500hp one.

Mentoring is useful

Investing is complex. Do-it-yourself generally causes damage (loss or lesser results). To make it simple, you need an expert, an authorized financial advisor who will carefully choose who will set you the investment strategy appropriate to your goals and then accompany you over time to update it as often as necessary because it will change the world, but also your goals.