More and more people are trading; many would like it to be easier, probably you too. Discover the MPW solution really suitable for everyone. Most traders are unable to consider the many factors that, moment by moment, affect the performance of any asset. Their interpretation of the trends is therefore devoid of any objective basis. For many, trading thus becomes with the characteristics of a game, where adrenaline is the reward. This explains why over 70% of those who trade (the trading platforms themselves write it) lose money. MPW has identified a possible solution: to exploit the enormous computing power available today, to create an algorithm that identifies up to 10 potentially profitable stocks every day for that day. The algorithm is based on the duration limited to 1 day and with only 2 operations. Very simple for anyone. Every day the data generated by the algorithm is made available to those who adopt the MPW service, who can decide whether to use them personally or link them to their trusted broker to delegate operations fully. The algorithm offers 4 different bundles every day corresponding to 4 different strategies, among which you can choose daily. MPW gives you the information […]
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