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My Private Welfare


5 TOOLS helpful today to have additional income.



Passive income (how to get income without wasting time)

Active income (how to maximize your earnings from work)

Reward Income (how do your friends have ongoing value)

Health income (how to improve earnings and avoid costs)

Portfolio income (how to maximize savings investments)



Boost your income & save more & let time work

to get your FIRE (Financial Indipendence Retire Early)

and to cancel your LONGEVITY RISK

to enjoy your distant future, when you have to live on annuity.

Your Gov has no means to allow for certainty the welfare you need.

Act now, to avoid a years-long nightmare

because you have not set aside enough

to enjoy the life quality you want.

Save more by boosting your income!



MPW gives solutions to those who care about their distant future

to accompany them over time to have high results.


MPW welcomes them into a community of aware people

who knows they have a ONE SHOT, no recovery possible.

Try now to get instant results,


(see last performance below)

The right information prevents you from being poor.

MPW is a give-back program.


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Everyone chooses independently if and how to use the data. There is no customization; the results are the same for everyone.


Daily Best-Stocks Bulletin

Algorithmic Forecast

Fully automatable by linking platform to your broker Alpaca, IG, Degiro (others coming soon) or Metatrader integration to any broker.


Performance algebraic SUM over the last 30 calendar days
Just 2 operations per day: IN at opening / OUT at closing

* up to 10 stock a day, gross commission
  • Choose your preferred strategy every day
  • No-Leverage Intraday NewYork Stock Exchange
  • CFD alternative included
  • Free indipendent robot/broker automation included
  • We are not a broker or trading platform, so please choose an authorized one!
  • Monthly subscription

Any result shown has historical value only and does not imply any expectation for the future.

As regards finance and the stock market, you must be awere that you risk even total losses.

We do not believe in any method of making money that is easy, fast, or guaranteed. 


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to build a secure future

The WEF World Economic Forum has long argued that life extension is the financial equivalent of climate change. Governments have no means to deal with it and people generally are unaware that they have an Individual Longevity Risk = not having money enough to avoid a nightmare life. It takes new money to set aside and know-how to do it. MPW My Private Welfare accompanies anyone to build a secure future.


Most People

Everyone would like a second income channel without having to take a second job.

For inexperienced people, this desire leads to chasing easy money, which often turns into easy losses—precisely the opposite of what they wanted.

Do-it-yourself does not usually pay; you need a structured system that accompanies for a lifetime to reach Economic Well-Being. It is a path that is too difficult to do alone.

MPW offers 4 tools suitable for everyone with extraordinarily higher potential.

Subscribing to MPW enhances the quality of your life because you know that you are no longer alone.


Traders & Beginners

They only look to trading to increase their income but soon realize it is challenging. It takes too much time and extra work it is easy to lose money instead of earning it.

They do not need to do it yourself, but a structured system accompanies them for a lifetime to reach Economic Well-Being. It is a path that is too difficult to do alone.

MPW offers 4 tools suitable for everyone with extraordinarily higher potential than what trading can offer to those who are not professionals.

Subscribing to MPW enhances the quality of your life because you know that you are no longer alone.

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Active Income

  • It is profitable to maximize the income from work because people with the same training, skills, and experience often have different gains.
  • To generate additional income and then keep it permanently high over time, you need to know how to do it.
  • MPW Growth Mindset for (Current) Job Unconventional & Lifetime Course accompanies you to create the conditions for having a permanently high additional income.

Second Income

  • It is profitable to generate income even when a person is not actively involved (no work, nor time) because often people do not take advantage of this channel.
  • MPW Daytrading Best-Stocks Bulletin (published by fully automatable through M8R as a connection platform  to Alpaca broker (IG, Degiro, etc. soon) or MetaTrader4 integration to any broker.
  • MPW Refund & Rewards Program for additional friends subscribe (unlimited), monthly, MPW will pay you 36 $ for each of them (we gladly pay our marketing costs to you).
  • Cashback from any web channel (e-commerce, cards, banks, etc.), small amounts that over the years will be of great help.
  • Walking rewards for every step

Reward Income

  • We started with ourselves by setting up a Refundable Program to allow all subscribers to recover the cost of the monthly subscription simply by having two friends subscribe.
  • We have also added the Rewards Program to allow those friends who have more or can count on a small or large community to have a continuous monthly income.
  • For MPW, it means passing to the subscriber the saved marketing costs to the subscriber to find new subscribers.
  • In addition, to further enhance this word of mouth, the subscriber will earn even if her friends will also make their friends subscribe. It is not a multilevel, but just a robust member-gets-member limited to friends and friends of friends.

Health Income

  • Health generates income because it allows us not to have appreciable energy deficits and therefore to be able to have maximum linearity in the things that interest us.
  • It also generates income because it makes us perceived as reliable, functional people and this adds value in the context in which we have decided to operate.
  • MPW Health Value Unconventional & Lifetime Course accompanies you to create the conditions to have the best possible.

Portfolio Income

  • It is profitable to optimize the structure, risks, and performance of the savings progressively set aside to have additional income to build a solid distant future. Often the same figures give different results.
  • MPW Financial-Wellness Best Strategies Unconventional & Lifetime Course accompanies you to create the conditions to have the best possible.

My Private Welfare shares information for educational purposes to enhance people’s financial culture and have immediate benefits.

helps you
to enjoy future

It’s a versatile bundle of 5 tools you can use to achieve relevant goals set throughout your life:


Today (near future)

– as a stock forecast for those who love trading operations, eliminating the complexity of choosing the shares to trade.
– as a source for your self-produced “extra income,” combining the information generated by our algorithm with the automatic execution by your trusted broker.

During your working life

– as above, but to support your children and their studies
– as a side-by-side for life’s unexpected events, for example, create the resources to have two years’ autonomy without earning.

For the retirement age (distant future)

.. when you will be forced to live on an annuity

– as an antidote to longevity risk through the flow of small amounts to be set aside monthly in a CAP. Here it serves in addition to the information generated by our algorithm and the operation of a carefully chosen broker to make the process automatic, even an expert financial advisor who accompanies you over time and adjusts them as your needs change.

Whenever you want

As a source of training for your financial well-being through the course, you find in your reserved area, focused on strategies to create the best conditions. A skill that you should continuously improve throughout your life because her quality will depend on it. In the awareness that the relationship with money will always be one-shot and linked to time. For example, unfortunately, you will not be able to recover if you get older and retire without sufficient resources for a life that is lengthening and increasing costs (health care, assistance, etc.).

What happens as soon as you have subscribed


Immediately, without having to do anything, you gain acces to..

1 – Daily stock forecast – (Passive Income) Every day you will find in the reserved area, up to 4 strategies and a bundle with up to 10 potentially profitable stocks for that day.
2 – Training area – You have access to all the texts of the permanent 2 courses: to know how to boost your work income (Active Income) and hoe to create the optimal conditions for your wellness finance (Portfolio Income). 
3 – Historical data – By clicking on a data you have access to the available history.
4 – Refund area – receive the referral link to have refunded 50% or 100% of the cost of the subscription (see below how it happens)

Immediately, you can choose how to have daily results (Passive Income)

A – working personally

Take advantage of the bundles you receive daily by doing a very simple trading: through your broker, you enter 15 minutes after the opening of the stock exchange session and exit 30 minutes after closing.


B – delegating operations

Automate operations by connecting (once only) the bundle flow you receive daily, via the M8R platform, to the account you opened with the Alpaca broker (soon, you will be able to choose from other brokers) or MetaTrader4 integration (Expert Advisor)



Whatever your choice, you are entirely liquid every night and you will be able to check if results align with your expectations.
The operation with the broker is always totally external to MPW, and we remind you that you can interrupt or reactivate it at any time. In any case, you will continue to have access to your reserved area and to receive the bundles until the end of the month for which the subscription was paid.


MPW’s goal is to be as accurate as possible on both the predictions and the course texts so that subscribers can get the results they are looking for in the simplest way possible. There is no infallibility but the constant search for strong compression of the potential risk. Everyone can further reduce it in the operational phase by aligning it with their own risk sensitivity (example: stop-loss). Also, you can always count on

No financial discrimination

Relative to Daily Bulletin, MPW reduce any discrimination against beginners,

by including the right to use a free service

that automates the process with the broker,

so that all subscribers with the same strategy choice have the same results.

There is freedom to rely on an integrated stop loss to limit losses and avoid anxiety.


Risk protection

  • learning by viewing
  • terrific for small capital
  • no leverage trading
  • money that always remains in your possession (at your broker)
  • diversification (up to 10 stocks every day)
  • minimal duration (day by day, no overnight anxiety
  • risk reduction (stop-loss)
  • broker-independent
  • ready to upward or downward trend strategy

The successes of medicine lengthen life; it is at the same time a remarkable achievement, but also a significant problem because the Longevity Risk will be transferred more and more to the individual level. Longer life does not mean Good life.



Governments have no means to deal with it. People are generally unaware that they have an individual longevity risk = not having enough money to avoid a nightmare life in their retirement years.

The WEF World Economic Forum has long argued that lifespan extension is the financial equivalent of climate change.
Everyone should become aware of the scenario and defuse the personal risk of a nightmare old age by increasing provisions during the working age.

Often, however, the income is not sufficient; to do this, you need to boost your income to set aside more. But there are no conditions and there is a lack of know-how to increase revenue.

MPW is focused on the topic to provide tools suitable for anyone to have the solution. The subscription indicates that the mission accompanies subscribers towards the goal over time.

Your Advantages


  1. every night you are liquid
  2. every day you are free to stop autorun
  3. you can place a stop loss on your account of your trusted broker
  4. you don't have to stand in front of the pc
  5. whatever the market train you have the right strategy (UP or DOWN)
  6. you always have a clear understanding of the reckord performance track of the strategies
  7. you can change your strategy even every day
  8. you get Transparency because performances are public and verifiable
  9. you get Uniformity because performances are the same for all subscribers
  10. you are finally a person free from anxiety and fear
  11. you have new income and resources to enhance your Financial Wellness and have the right to choose between:
    a. increase your spending power today
    b. activate a virtuous process for your future peace of mind:
  12. set aside a reserve for any unforeseen events
  13. set aside for when you will be forced to live on an annuity in retirement age
  14. for those who have children, set aside to ensure that they complete their studies

Build your secure future

MPW accompanies you to strengthen your financial culture to be more in control of your economic future, the one that makes you sleep peacefully.

Subscription info (over 25)

  • Product: Access our exclusive 3 TOOLS to get more revenue:
    Passive Income – Daytrading Best-Stocks Bulletin (fully automatable execution) ; Refund &Rewards Program; Others Cashbacks & Walking
    Active Income – Mindset Unconventional Permanent Course
    Portfolio Income – Financial-Wellness Permanent Unconventional Course
  • Minimum knowledge required: the tools are suitable for anyone
    Billing frequency: monthly
    Activation: payment
    Deactivation: Stop your payments
    Full refund credit: every month
    Commissions: No commissions on investment results
    Tax: All prices include VAT.

(FREE under 25

Easy Challenge for a Passive Second Income

With two of your friends, your subscription is fully refunded (36$ + 36$), monthly.

If your other additional friends subscribe (unlimited), monthly, we will pay you 36$ for each of them (we gladly pay our marketing costs to you).


Basic Advice

Then it’s up to you

MPW does not do finance; it does training focused on enhancing income to cancel the longevity risk while saving more.

You need to find an expert financial advisor who will accompany you for years regarding the investment of your savings.

The vast majority of people did not have a school system that provided a path of financial education that would help them understand how to manage the part of life linked to money consciously.

Without this training, it is challenging to achieve the maximum by operating correctly instead. The risk is of delaying or even failing to achieve the life goals you save and always the result of sacrifices.

Therefore, it is essential to choose an expert consultant who will accompany you throughout the journey of financial growth.

Step 1 – take control of your finances by knowing every single aspect. It is the starting phase of savings.
Step 2 – focus on investments by refining knowledge. It is the phase of accumulation of savings and the creation of capital.
Step 3 – The process of creating savings is there. Financial knowledge, too, is the phase of investment optimization.

Make sure you choose your expert advisor carefully.

More info


Basic Advice

How to invest your gains

You have a flow of small monthly amounts to invest (those you generated thanks to our algorithm) for an extended period of years.
So you have the advantage of being able to apply the historically very effective method, called DCA Dollar Cost Average, which allows you to reduce the impact of the expected volatility typical of the stock market, increasing the overall gains.

It is a method – widely used in the management of personal finance by the most astute people – that consists of paying small amounts into your investment account monthly.

This method allows you to balance the quantities purchased each time based on the moment’s value, rebalancing the stock market’s natural highs and lows.

Basic Advice

Where to invest your earnings

History teaches us that the stock market is the most reliable investment, capable of overcoming all crises and continually growing. Otherwise, the world would stop, and your problems would be much more significant. You can start with small amounts – it does not require maintenance – and you can immediately liquidate your account in case you need the funds. The probability of suffering losses on the stock market decreases as the investment time horizon increases.

For instance, the Standard & Poor 500 index recorded these average annual results (

  • 1926-1955 + 10.2%
  • 1956-1985 + 9.5%
  • 1986-2015 + 10.4%

Choose an experienced financial advisor to set your long-term strategy

Basic Advice

Your best

investment philosophy

Warren Buffett describes compound interest as the only way to make your money worth more and more. It consists of making time work and reinvesting month after month so that the income produced is added to the capital, increasing the amount invested each time. The longer the time, the more it works in your favor, so the sooner you start, the more the small amounts you pay, produce great results.

Just as a snowball slowly accumulates more and more mass the longer it rolls, so too does your fund grow in capital the longer it operates.

Just like when using a small 1hp engine to start a powerful 500hp one.

Basic Advice

Diversify your investments

Diversification is the golden rule of any good investment.

Focusing your resources is never a good idea because the risk is everywhere and can affect any asset in your portfolio.

To diversify means distributing your resources across numerous instruments to balance risk and optimize profits.

It is essential that they have different characteristics, belong to more geographical areas, have different time horizons. Today some tools effectively allow diversification with meager costs.


Basic Advice

Your basic finance

Knowing the basics of finance is a valuable skill for everyone. MPW helps you with this. But the invitation is to go further, strengthening your knowledge whenever you have the opportunity. You should be fully aware of everything pertaining to your investments and how they develop. Even more so, if you don’t follow them personally and rely on someone you trust. For this reason, we suggest that you have these issues in mind:
1 – How to strengthen your financial training
2 – How it works and what are the advantages of compound interest
3 – Investing in the stock market is the most advantageous method to grow capital over time
4 – How to avoid the risks of financial scams
5 – How to predict retirement

On these issues, you can find essential information on institutional sites such as

If you want to learn more, on the web, you can find free courses of any level


Ready to go?